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Spring Zazenkai
Fri 24th March (Evening) – Sat 25th March

All are welcome to join us at our Spring Zazenkai, led by Rev. Zen Ho Taikyo, dharma heir in Nishijima Roshi´s lineage of Soto Zen Buddhism.

Featuring Zazen meditation, Teisho (dharma talks), samue (working meditation), outdoor walking meditiation, opportunities for Dokusan (one-to-one meeting with Rev. Taikyo) and the chance to celebrate a Jukai (lay ordination) ceremony.

The Zazenkai will run from 6pm-9pm on Friday 24th March & from 9am – 6pm on Saturday 25th March.

The cost is £30 (including meals) which can be paid beforehand or at the Zazenkai. If this is not possible, then we ask for a donation in accordance with your means.

For more information & to enquire about a lift to the Zazenkai from Carmarthen train station, please send us a message through Facebook or email zenassociationwales@gmail.com.

If you would like to join us, we would be most grateful if you could let us know in advance.

SA44 4RU

To see the retreat center: http://www.penpynfarch.co.uk
For Contact email: zenassociationwales@gmail.com


From Monday 16th January we will be providing weekly Zazen (seated meditation) at 2 Humphrey Street, Swansea !! All are welcome to join the blossoming Swansea Zen Buddhist Sangha on Mondays 6.30-8pm. Deep Bows, Gassho _/\_



‘The Rooting of Zen Buddhism in Wales’

In celebration of our beloved Taikyo’s Denpo (dharma transmission) ceremony, we are hosting a very special ‘Zazenkai’ event from 6-9pm on December 23rd @ 2 Humphrey Street, Swansea. All are welcome to join us for a fantastic evening of Dharma Talks & Zazen with Rev. Taigu (guiding teacher of Blue Mountain White Clouds Hermitage), Rev. Myozen (head of Zen Buddhism Ireland) and Rev. Taikyo (presiding teacher of Zen Association Wales.) Please see our Facebook page for more info.

Gassho _/\_



 Zazenkai & Dharma Talk with Rev. Taikyo 

 Sunday October 23rd @ 2pm !

Zazen for 30 minutes, followed by a 30 minute (or so) Dharma Talk and 30 minute Q&A.

See link above to tune in LIVE via Treeleaf Sangha!



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